Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beaminator goes pew pew pew

I'm still alive boys and girls \o/


  1. I don't like the female (both the way she was drawn and that she is here) but there is something to "Beaminators" that is truly charming in this odd SciFi way. Usually when you think of beams you have those huge, huge ships or mechas that beams are simply part of. Beam-shooting device never takes much space (be it gigantic spaceships in Independence Day or mechanical Colossi in Starcraft 2). But this, and this is the part I love, this is beam itself. I love the design, it's so minimalistic and emphasizes how clever one can get in his designs. Beams, something that seems like anti-gravity device (a bit 'meh' that there is only one per beaminator, I feel like symmetry would be better; but that's purely subjective) and that's it.
    I really, really like that.