Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dominance War Progress - CONTINUED! (Maybe we'll make this a trilogy)

Continuing my dominance war entry with just a fun little value paint extrapolated from one of the silhouettes that seemed to be well-received.


  1. There's something slightly... Andy Warhol about him.

  2. Nice musculature. Especially in the abdomen. I couldn't help to think of Falcor from never ending story when I saw his face. Regardless its a great head, the only thing id watch for the the angle of his left hand. I dont see a clear silhouette with his wrist bend inwards along the same parallel with his forearm. IF something interesting is happening with his fingers it may become lost.
    So Far though the majority of the image is looking pretty strong.
    All the best & looking forward to seeing more.