Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Dominance War

Ah, now that my classes are over for the next week, I can get back to concentrating on DomWar. I cranked out two new concepts for my character, taking them in a new direction with the Kusari-Gama as a weapons instead of the crossbow.

These two were the most developed of the ones I started today, but I'm definitely liking the one with the J-Blades more. Thing is, I'm gonna have to check to see if those prosthetics are OK for Norms to have. They should be since there aren't any moving parts of electronics in there.

The second one I like 'cause it looks a lot more punk/biker, but in the end would be too noisy for stalker, what with all that metal. I think I'll be making a final decision on my concept tomorrow or Monday, after I get some more done.

Also, I'm a little confused as to what the highest level tech norms are allowed to use. I'm seeing some concepts that have sniper rifles, and even one that had a P-90. I'll have to ask when I make my post later.


  1. I like the detail of the second one, and the design of the first. Try to push that a bit further.

    The prosthetic legs would make her a little less nimble than I'd imagine a stalker to me. No ankle to pivot on uneven surfaces, can't raise or lower herself up with her toes, and just general movement would be more clumsy. Not to say you couldn't find a design to work around some of that, but I'd consider it a bit before going ahead with that idea on this particular character class.

    Keep going! You're getting some nice results.

  2. When I was making this I was keeping Oscar Pistorius in mind, but some of your other criticisms are indeed valid.

    I would really like to proceed in this direction since I haven't seen other Norm designs like this (at least on GameArtisans), but I also want to make sure I don't end up blurring the line between Cyborg and Norm like mentioned above.

    A few things I was thinking about was having the legs be coated with iron ore, so that when she passes an electric current, they'll have an electromagnetic effect on them.

    But I don't know, I'll try out a few more things, though should pick soon since I need to start modeling too.